Community Solar in Maine

Access Solar Power without owning Panels!

Maine and solar power go together like lobster and butter. Over the next five years, Maine is expected to boost its solar production by a whopping 1,362 megawatts. And in 2021 alone, the state more than doubled its solar wattage capacity!

The goal, which has officially been signed into law, is to get 80% of all state energy production coming from renewable resources, including solar power in Maine, by 2030 and 100% by 2050.

There’s no doubt that the lovely people of Maine have invested heavily in solar power, but it doesn’t all come from people installing panels on their homes’ roofs. There are several ways to get solar power in Maine that don’t cost thousands and thousands of dollars in equipment and installation.

Yes, if your property is considered “solar ready” and you have the initial investment, installing solar panels on your Maine home is definitely an option. For those who feel a bit faint when hearing the price tag that comes along with solar panel installation, you can also choose a rent-to-own option, or get your energy from a community solar farm! 

Go Solar without buying panels?

Residential solar power in Maine has been limited by multiple hurdles that homes face around the country.

“If you own a home — and it has a roof that is the right size, type, orientation, exposure, etc. — then you can buy, finance, or lease panels that are bolted to your roof to generate energy.”

This makes solar energy out of reach for most people.

In fact, traditional solar power is accessible to only about 20% of Maine residents. But what about everyone else!?

Benefits of Community Solar in Maine

Community Solar is a membership to a local solar farm
for clean energy at 10-25% off!

No Panels

You don’t have to purchase, finance, or lease a solar system or attach anything to your home! There is no maintenance or installation. Just easy access to clean energy at a discount!

No Roof

You don’t have to worry about your roof size, type, age, or shade.

No Limit

You don’t have to own your home or apartment. Renters can access solar!

No Problem!

You don’t have to commit to decades of paying off panels. Bring it if you move!

How Community Solar Works

Pay nothing, save money, help the environment AND a local business?? Really?

The cost of solar installation isn’t a burden you have to bear alone.

Instead of purchasing expensive solar panels and installing them on the roof of your house, community solar is more of a team-effort when it comes to producing solar power. 

Here are the basics of a community solar project:

  1. A solar farm site is built in a suitable location, with ready connection to the electricity grid.
  2. People from around the state contribute money for management and maintenance of the farm, typically via monthly subscription.
  3. Large credits from power generated by the community solar project are sent back to the participants, ultimately reducing their electricity bills. 

Since the solar farm isn’t on your personal property, community solar members don’t have to own a “solar-ready” home in order to receive solar power. They don’t even have to own their home! This is a great option for renters.

Plus, you don’t have to pay for the expensive upfront costs or worry about maintenance.

Even Maine residents who rent or live in apartments can enjoy clean, renewable solar energy!

Get Your Energy from a Solar Farm

Community Solar allows a group of people to “subscribe” to a solar farm.

The solar farm feeds clean energy into the electricity grid, which you get at a locked in savings rate every month!

How to sign up for Community Solar in Maine


Get Started

Register your interest in saving money on electricity by joining a local solar farm in

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Get Matched

If solar farms are open in your area, we’ll match you to see. Or select a project yourself here!

Join a Solar Farm

Start Saving!

Within 1-3 months your solar farm goes active, and you receive a new lower energy bill!

Save 10-25% on Energy

Support your Local Solar Farmers

Why buy dirty energy, often from the other side of the world, when we can capture clean energy — from Mainers right outside town?

Community Solar Farms in Maine allow family farmers to lease some of their land for utilities and partners to set up small solar farms.

This supplements farm income and keeps energy local!

Reviews of Community Solar in Maine

Solar Power to the People

Community solar in Maine is gaining popularity because of its affordability and accessibility.

Without the need to purchase and install panels on your roof, community solar is a much more affordable option that can benefit so many more people!

This includes renters, row homes, apartments, and rooftops that are not a good fit for solar panels.

A Guide to Solar Options in Maine

Pay nothing, save money on your bills, help the environment, and help a local business?? Seems too good to be true. It’s not!

Switching to Community Solar is easy!

Register here with your email and we’ll show you which solar farms you’re eligible for, and how much you can save.

Your relationship with your utility company won’t change at all!

Only the electrons that power your house. You’ll still receive energy the same way — it will just be cleaner and cheaper!

Start here to see if Community Solar works for you!

An age-old response for an age-old question. Are solar panels in Maine worth it? It depends.

Generally speaking, Maine is a great place for solar power. The state receives 33% more sunshine than Germany, which is currently the global leader in solar energy adoption. Plus, most of the homes in Maine with solar arrays can produce 100% of the household energy needs. 

Now, that might sound enticing, but it’s not all positive. For solar panels to work effectively, your home needs to be solar ready. That means you need at least enough rooftop square footage to fit large solar panels, the roof needs to be pitched between 30 and 45 degrees, and the panels should face south. 

Of course, you’ll need full sunlight, too. Part of the beauty of Maine is all the wooded land. Trees cast shadows, which will prevent your rooftop panels from working properly. Unfortunately, snow also counts as shade. Solar panels don’t work well when there’s a fresh coat of powder on top. If you do choose to install panels on your home, be prepared for lower energy production in the winter. 

If your home fits that description, solar panels are definitely a viable option for your Maine house. If your home isn’t quite solar perfect, you can still look into other options like community solar or Maine Green Power.

The average cost of solar power in Maine is around $2.74 per watt, and the average cost of a five-kilowatt rooftop solar system in Maine will cost somewhere between $11,645 and $15,755 on average. The more powerful the system, the higher the cost. 

Don’t faint just yet! The sticker price is only part of the cost equation. Solar panels will save you money on your utility bills every month, and eventually, they’ll pay for themselves. 

Most Maine homeowners can expect to see 20-year energy savings of around $19,952, which means the average system will pay for itself in just over ten years. While that might seem like a long time, it’s a great option for people who expect to stay in their homes for the foreseeable future.  

If your solar panels produce more energy than you consume, you can sell excess power back to the utility company through net metering. That’ll help you reach the breakeven point even faster!

Maine lawmakers are always looking for ways to make solar more accessible to everyone. To help keep costs down, there are a few solar incentives Maine residents can look forward to if they switch to solar:

  • Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) – The federal government offers a 26% tax credit to any homeowner who invests in solar for their home by December 31, 2022. This credit is expected to decrease to 22% in 2023 and expire in 2024 if it’s not renewed by congress. 
  • Maine Home Energy Loan Program – The state offers low-interest financing to homeowners who want to go solar. Through the program, you can borrow up to $15,000 for 15 years at a lower interest rate than what’s offered by most banks.
  • Net Metering – Maine participates in net metering, so any homeowner who produces more solar energy than they use can sell the excess power back to the utility company for credit on your bill.

Unfortunately, these incentives aren’t available to everyone. For example, if you decided on a rent-to-own option to install solar on your home, you don’t technically own the panels and aren’t eligible for any incentives, despite the panels being installed on your property.

Before choosing to install solar panels, it’s important to understand whether you’re eligible for any incentives. They help tremendously with the cost, so do your research and make sure you’re not missing out!

Overcome the Limits and Access Solar!