Community Solar in New York

Access Solar without owning Panels!

No matter which side of the Yankees versus Mets feud you’re on, one thing is for certain: New Yorkers love solar power!

New York has consistently ranked in the top 10 solar markets in the United States, and the numbers continue to rise

Over the next five years, New York is expected to grow solar state-wide by an impressive 4,391 megawatts. Legislators are also advocating the expansion of the Clean Energy Standard, which promises 70% of New York’s power produced by renewable energy by 2030.

If you want to get in on the exciting world of community solar power in New York — it’s more accessible to residents than ever before!

Get Community Solar without buying panels!

Community solar in New York has been limited by multiple hurdles that homes face around the country:

You have to own a home. Your roof has to be the right size, type, orientation, etc. Then you have to buy, finance, or lease panels that are bolted to your roof for decades. Then hopefully in a few years, you might save money.

Rooftop solar energy is out of reach for most people!

In fact — traditional solar is accessible to only about 20% of New Yorkers. But what about everyone else?

How will they get to install solar panels and enjoy all the renewable energy benefits they can provide?

Benefits of Community Solar in New York

No Panels

You don’t have to purchase, finance, or lease a solar system or attach anything to your home! There is no maintenance or installation. Just easy access to clean energy at a discount!

No Roof

You don’t have to worry about your roof size, age, or if trees are shading it.

No Limit

You don’t have to own your home or apartment. Renters can access solar!

No Problem!

You don’t have to commit to decades of paying off panels. Bring it if you move!


Support your Local Solar Farmers

Why buy dirty energy, often from the other side of the world, when we can capture clean renewable energy — right outside of town?

Community Solar Farms in NY allows family farmers to lease some of their land for utilities and partners to set up small solar farms. This supplements farm income and keeps energy local!

Some local solar farms in NY include the Butterfly Keepers project near Poughkepsie, and Wonder Complex near Buffalo.

How Does Community Solar Work?

Pay nothing, save money on your bills, help the environment, and help a local business? That’s community solar at its finest. What’s not to love? 

Everyone knows installing solar panels on your home can be expensive, but what if you could split the cost of installing, operating, and maintaining solar panels with a bunch of other people in New York? That’s the basic idea behind community solar!

When you get involved in a community solar project, it’s when a group of people living in a state financially support the maintenance and operation of an off-site solar farm.

Here’s how a community solar project generally works:

  1. A solar farm is constructed in a suitable location.
  2. Nearby residents financially support the maintenance and operation of the solar farm, typically by paying a monthly subscription. 
  3. Any solar power generated by the farm is sent back to the members, helping them reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint.

When you’re part of a community solar project, you don’t even have to live in a “solar ready” house, which is by far one of the biggest problems homeowners have when they want to install solar panels and live off renewable energy.

Instead, you can sign up to one of your local community solar projects and then build the solar farm providing all your solar power is built off-site in a suitable location, sending the energy back to your home. This is great for New York residents who rent, don’t own a suitable property, or live in an apartment.

Not only can anyone in New York benefit from a New York community solar program in terms of their electric bill, but it also saves you tons of money on installation costs. Installing solar panels costs thousands and thousands of dollars. When a community works together to split the cost of maintaining a farm, each member has to pay only a small portion, which is much more manageable for the average person and will help you save money in the long run.

If you want to get in on the exciting world of solar power in New York — it is more accessible to residents than ever before!

Get Your Energy from a Solar Farm!

Community Solar allows a group of people to “subscribe” to a solar farm.

The solar farm feeds clean energy into the electricity grid, which you get at a locked in savings rate every month!

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Solar Power to the People

Community solar in New York is gaining popularity because of its affordability and accessibility.

Without the need to purchase and install panels on your roof, community solar is a much more affordable option that can benefit so many more people!

This includes renters, row homes, apartments, and rooftops that are not a good fit for solar panels.

Reviews of Community Solar in New York


Pay nothing, save money on your bills, help the environment, and help a local business?? Seems too good to be true!

Switching to Community Solar is easy!

Register here with your email and we’ll show you which solar farms you’re eligible for, and how much you can save.

Your relationship with your utility company won’t change at all!

Only the electrons that power your house. You’ll still receive energy the same way — it will just be cleaner and cheaper!

Start here to see if Community Solar works for you!

Nope, you will still receive the same energy bill from your utility company. It will just say the name of the solar farm program on it, and your electricity will be at a 5-25% discount!

The average cost of solar panels in New York is between $12,112 and $16,388 after equipment purchase and installation. Of course, that also largely depends on where in New York you’re located.  

While that number might be enough to make you scream, don’t worry; there are other factors to consider in the price. Solar panels aren’t a cost; they’re an investment. You also have to think about how much they’ll save you over time on your energy bills.

Yes, $14,200 is a lot of money, but if you can completely get rid of your energy bills, the system will start to pay for itself almost right away. In New York, the average time to break even on solar installation is 9.21 years. While that might seem like a long time, if you plan to stay in your current home for a while, you could enjoy plenty of electricity bill-free years well after your system has paid for itself.

Because solar installation is so costly, the state and federal government have created several incentives to make solar more appealing to homeowners. If you install solar on your property, you could enjoy these benefits:

  • Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) – A 26% tax credit on any system installed by December 31, 2022. The credit drops to 22% in 2023.
  • NY State Solar Energy System Equipment Tax Credit – Take an additional 25% tax credit on your solar system from the state of NY up to a maximum of $5,000.
  • NY-Sun Megawatt Block Program – Receive up to $1,000 for every kilowatt of solar power installed on your property. 
  • Solar Electric Generating System Tax Abatement (SEGS) – A solar installation increases the value of your home. The SEGS gives you a tax exemption on the added value to your property.
  • Home Solar Project State Sales Tax Exemption – Pay only 4% state sales tax on home solar systems.

Unfortunately, these solar incentives aren’t available to everyone. For example, if you choose a rent-to-own option for your solar installation, you don’t technically own the panels. That means you’re not technically eligible for these incentives because they’re only for people who own solar systems.

Before choosing a solar option, do your research and take all the incentives into account. It’s important to know what to expect before spending your hard-earned money!

“Worth it” is a tricky term. When it comes to solar power in New York, it essentially comes down to three things:

  • Your property
  • Your budget
  • Your goals

If you want to install solar panels in New York, your property first has to be considered “solar ready.” That means your house is suitable for solar panel installation:

  • Enough roof space for the panels. The higher the energy usage, the more space you’ll need.
  • Roof pitch between 30 and 45 degrees to catch the most sunlight.
  • A south-facing roof for maximum efficiency.

It’s also a good idea to think about tree cover. If you have a lot of trees casting shadows on your roof, your panels won’t work as efficiently. Ideally, you should also own your own home. Solar panels are expensive, and it’d be no fun to pay1 for someone else to benefit from your hard-earned solar installation. 

Though the cost of solar panels has decreased dramatically in the past decade, they’re still quite expensive to install. One of the largest barriers to solar installation is the upfront costs. You’ll need at least a couple thousand dollars to even think about a solar installation.

Your goals also play a role in whether solar panels are worth it in New York. If you really want to go completely off-grid or even earn a few dollars back every month through net metering (and you have the budget and property), then solar panels are definitely worth it.

A rooftop solar array is the best way to generate enough energy to power your entire home. Other options like community solar will help you bring down your energy bills, but they won’t get rid of them completely. 

So, are solar panels worth it in New York? It’s really up to you, your property, your budget, and your energy goals. Weight all the pros and cons to determine if it’s right for you!

Overcome the Limits and Access Solar!