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Frequently Answered Questions

We understand that Community Solar can sound confusing and too good be true!

It's 100% legitimate however, so we have nothing to hide.

That's why we are fully transparent with you each step of the way.

Community solar involves a shared solar panel system where multiple participants, regardless of their living situation, can benefit. You don’t need to own a home or install panels; you simply receive energy credits that reduce your monthly utility bill, all from solar panels maintained at an off-site location.

We have several partnerships with different solar farm providers around the state, who offer different rates, eligibility requirements, and have availability for solar capacity at different times. Speaking with us over the phone allows us to get you the best savings and the fastest solar farm placement. We are working on an automated self-checkout to do this, but it is not yet ready. We’re not pushy at all, and can simply answer your questions without any obligation to enroll. 

It’s a straightforward process. Choose a reputable community solar provider, enroll with some basic information, and you’re in. No on-site inspections or equipment installations. It’s about getting cleaner, more affordable energy without the hassle. 

There are many providers though, and each has their own eligibility, rates, availability, conditions etc… We make the process very simple for you. Jump on a 10 minute call with us, and we’ll answer any questions you have and get you to the best and soonest provider in your area. 

Not at all. The solar farm is located off-site. You enjoy the benefits of solar energy without altering your living space. This makes it an excellent option for renters and homeowners alike.

We get that it might sound too good to be true. But, thanks to state incentives and the efficiency of large-scale solar farms, we can provide solar energy at a lower cost. The savings are then passed directly to you through credits on your utility bill.

Absolutely. Your living situation doesn’t affect your eligibility. Since the solar panels are off-site, there’s no need for installations or property evaluations, making community solar accessible to virtually anyone.

We understand your concerns. The benefits are indeed significant, but they’re also very real. Community solar is backed by state regulations and policies promoting renewable energy. Every subscriber is protected by these standards, ensuring transparency, reliability, and tangible savings. Feel free to reach out to us or check with regulatory authorities for added assurance.

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