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Bright Ideas for Switching to Clean Power

Welcome to your Home Solar Blog!

So, you want to switch to clean solar energy?

Good thinking! Solar power is exploding in popularity, dropping in cost, and now available to more people than ever.

To make a good choice – you want to make sure that solar makes sense for you financially, for your home, for where you live.

Which Solar option is best for you?

There are so many options, programs, and opportunities to take advantage of, things to look out for, and limitations to consider.

This Solar Blog aims to help you explore the best options, showing you how to go solar, so you can go green and save green too!

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Are Energy Prices Going Up?

Why are energy prices going up? The high costs of dirty energy It probably comes as no shock (pun intended) that energy prices are indeed going up, and they have steadily risen over the past decade. And really, what prices aren’t going up right now? Even between 2021 and 2022, energy prices have increased another…

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Solar Gardens

How do Community Solar Gardens Work? Community solar gardens are a more affordable and accessible alternative to installing solar panels on your home. Not only does it require no upfront cost, but you also don’t need to install any equipment on your property — which is ideal for renters and those who live in apartments!…

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Low Income Solar Program

How to Find Low Income Solar Programs That Work For Your Family Low income solar programs are actually a lot more common than you may think. Whether it’s rebate incentives for solar panels, or switching to get your energy from a community solar farm, there are great options get clean, affordable solar energy, even if…

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Community Solar Pros and Cons

Community Solar Pros and Cons Installing solar panels on your home or property can be expensive and complicated.That’s why many homeowners and renters are splitting the cost of installation and maintenance with community solar. That way, the entire community can share the expense and energy savings of solar without all the upfront cost. Of course,…


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Match to a Solar Farm

Without needing panels on your roof, community solar is an affordable solar option for nearly everyone — renters and homeowners, houses and apartments!

How much can you save on your energy by joining a solar farm near you? Save 10-25% on your energy bill!