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With multiple options and factors to consider, which solar solution is best for you and your home?

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Our Solar Experts can answer any questions you might have about conventional solar on your rooftop, or the innovative, simple, affordable, accessible Community Solar program — which allows you to access solar savings without owning or installing a system!

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Solar Power for All

Solar power has been accessible only for people who own a large typical home, and who can afford to buy or finance a system.

We want to change all that. Let’s make solar energy accessible to everyone who wants it!

Our Commitment

Community Solar Farm exists to help everyone access cleaner and cheaper energy.

Our deeply held values and commitments are to Integrity, Innovation, and Interdependence.

  1. Integrity – Trust is everything. We say what we mean, do what we say, and stand by you.
  2. Innovation – Break down walls. We change something if it’s not working and find a way.
  3. Interdependence – We are all connected. We rely on each other and this planet to thrive.

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