What if going Solar was easy?

Community Solar Farms allow people to buy local energy at 10-25% off!

Go solar without buying panels, even as a renter.

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Find Community Solar Near Me

Community Solar Farms provide everyone the opportunity to benefit from clean, local, cheaper energy.

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Match to a Solar Farm

Without needing panels on your roof, community solar is an affordable solar option for nearly everyone — renters and homeowners, houses and apartments!

How much can you save on your energy by joining a solar farm in Maine near where you live? 

States with Community Solar Programs

Click below to learn about Community Solar in your state, or Start here to match with community solar farms near you!

Support your Local Solar Farmers

Why buy dirty energy, often from the other side of the world, when we can capture clean energy — right outside of town?

Community Solar Farms allow family farmers to lease some of their land for utilities and partners to set up small solar farms. This supplements farm income and keeps energy local!

Raise Funds for Your Group

Looking for green fundraising opportunities for your group?

Switch people to cheaper solar power to raise funds for non-profits, schools, churches, and environmental clubs!