Solar Farms in NY

Access Clean Energy from Local Solar Farms

Solar Farms in New York provide lower costs and clean energy independence

New York is home to some of the most impressive solar farms in the country, specifically the Long Island Solar Farm.

The Long Island Solar Farm was completed in 2011 and is capable of producing an impressive 32 megawatts of electricity—enough to power more than 5,200 homes. It’s officially the largest photovoltaic (fancy word for solar) array in the eastern United States! The entire array is made up of more than 164,000 individual solar panels.

NY Leads in Community Solar Farms

In addition to the Long Island Solar Farm, there are many other solar farms in NY scattered throughout the state. New York actually has one of the fastest-growing community solar sectors in the country. By the end of 2020, there were over 370 community solar projects in New York producing almost 500 megawatts of power!

An incredible 90% of those projects were installed between 2019 and 2020 alone. This made New York the single largest community solar market in 2020, and there are no signs of slowing down! 

Of course, these impressive power plants don’t include all the private homeowners who have installed private panels on their homes. With all the solar incentives offered by the NY government, installing solar on your home or property is more accessible than ever before.

But what if you rent? Or if you don’t have a roof that’s good for solar?

Community Solar Farms allow more New Yorkers to access solar power!

There’s no doubt that New York is on track to boost renewable energy. However, the reality is that most people — about 80% of Americans — cannot access solar power on their rooftops. This includes people who are renting or who have to move frequently, rooftops that are not the right size, type, or exposure, and of course limitations by the financially viable and affordable options.

In order to reach the goals of making the state more energy independent and the environment cleaner, NY must innovate.

Community solar is a new approach that makes solar energy accessible to all, by connecting people to local solar farms.

Solar Farms provide access to clean energy at a discount!

Community Solar Farms in NY allow a group of people to subscribe to solar energy from a solar farm in New York. Kind of like crowdfunding a solar farm, or like a CSA, but instead of fresh vegetables from a local farm you’re getting clean solar energy.

The benefits of buying energy in a group is also a bulk discount — you save 10-25% off your energy bill!

The level of the savings depends on your utility and the solar farms in your area. Get matched to a solar farm in New York!

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Match to a Solar Farm

Without needing panels on your roof, community solar is an affordable solar option for nearly everyone — renters and homeowners, houses and apartments!

How much can you save on your energy by joining a solar farm in New York near where you live? 

How Does Community Solar Work?

Pay nothing, save money, help the environment AND a local business? Really?

Instead of purchasing expensive solar panels and installing them on the roof of your house, community solar is more of a team-effort when it comes to producing solar power. 

Here’s the anatomy of a community solar project:

1. A solar farm site is built in a suitable location, with ready connection to the electricity grid

2. People from around the state contribute money for management and maintenance of the farm, typically via monthly subscription.

3. Large credits from power generated by the community solar project are sent back to the participants, ultimately reducing their electricity bills. 

Because community solar doesn’t require participants to have a “solar-ready” property (with plenty of roof space, facing the right direction, and in enough direct sunlight), it’s accessible to more people. 

Even New York residents who rent or live in apartments can enjoy clean, renewable solar energy!

Also, since the cost of installation and maintenance is split between the collective, nobody has to pay thousands of dollars up front to install solar panels. It’s a much more affordable option to traditional solar panel installation.

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How to Access Community Solar Farms in New York

While most people might think the only option to harness the power of the sun to run their homes is to install costly panels on the roof, that’s not the case. There are more options to get solar now than ever before. 

You could install residential solar panels in New York if you prefer to generate your own power, but you can also choose to purchase green energy from a standard utility, rent-to-own solar equipment, or participate in a community solar program.

Community solar farms are fortunately available all over the state of New York, from all the major utility companies.

Curious about the benefits of community solar and whether or not it’s right for you? Check out the frequently asked questions here. To see what you can save sign up to be matched with available New York community solar farm projects here!

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