Solar Power to the People

What if there was a way for everyone to access solar energy — without needing solar panels on their roof?

What is Community Solar?

Solar energy is infinite. Now so is your access.


Cost Savings on your Energy Bill!

People love joining a community solar farm because it is simple, saves them money, and they are proud to switch to clean solar power!

Local Solar Farm

Now a group of people — your neighborhood, church, office, people online — can join a local Community Solar Farm to give you access to clean solar energy!

Renters and Owners

Renting or owning? Apartment, condo, townhouse, house — everyone deserves access to solar energy! Now anyone in any home can sign up to go solar.

Locked in Savings!

Save 10-25% every single month on your energy bill! One of the benefits of buying solar energy in bulk is sharing in savings. See the savings available in your area!

No Rooftop Required!

Is your rooftop shaded or too small? It doesn’t matter! Because no solar panels are going on your roof — they are connecting to the grid for you at a local farm.

Get Your Energy from Farm to Community!

Community Solar is like a subscription to your local solar farm for cheap & clean energy. Lower your bill!

What is Community Solar?

Buy cheaper power from local solar farms!

You don’t have to buy a solar system.

You don’t have to own a home or apartment.

This is access to Solar Power for All!

How much can you save?

Community Solar Farm 4

Solar for All.

Earth receives 10,000x the amount of solar energy than it uses.

Unfortunately — only about 20% of Americans can put solar panels on their roof. This excludes everyone in apartments, everyone who rents, and everyone who cannot afford to buy or finance a solar system.

Community Solar is a different vision — access to solar power for all!

Oh, and we’re everywhere, including New York, Maine, Maryland, Illinois, and so many more!

Find a solar farm near you to access cheaper, clean energy.


Yup. Going solar can be this simple!

Save money by switching to solar energy generated from local solar farms.

Chat with a solar expert to learn more about solar options, and if solar farms are for you!

Instead of purchasing expensive solar panels and installing them on the roof of your house, community solar is more of a team-effort when it comes to producing solar power. Here’s the anatomy of a community solar project:

1. A solar farm site is built in a suitable location, with ready connection to the electricity grid.

2. People from around the state contribute money for management and maintenance of the farm, typically via monthly subscription.

3. Large credits from power generated by the community solar project are sent back to the participants, ultimately reducing their electricity bills. 

Because community solar doesn’t require participants to have a “solar-ready” property (with plenty of roof space, facing the right direction, and in enough direct sunlight), it’s accessible to more people. 

Even Maryland residents who rent or live in apartments can enjoy clean, renewable solar energy. It is easy to see how much you can save!

Also, since the cost of installation and maintenance is split between the collective, nobody has to pay thousands of dollars up front to install solar panels. It’s a much more affordable option to traditional solar panel installation.


Many states offer significant tax incentives and credits to consumers who are willing to invest in solar energy. But, most consumers can’t go solar!

Community Solar allows more consumers to participate to the environmental benefits of choosing renewable energy!

As a subscriber, you’ll continue to receive your monthly electricity bill from your utility company. Your share of solar credits will automatically show up on your utility bill as credits, lowering the balance you owe to your utility company. And you’ll pay that balance to your utility company just as you always have.

About a month after receiving your utility bill, you’ll receive a statement from the subscriber organization with the amount of solar credits that was applied to your utility bill, as well as the discounted amount you paid for those credits.

The savings come from the difference between the solar credits applied to your utility bill and what you pay for those credits!  And that difference is guaranteed to be 10% – 30% every month for 20 years!

Switching to Community Solar is easy!

Register here with your email and we’ll show you which solar farms you’re eligible for, and how much you can save.

Your relationship with your utility company won’t change at all!

Only the electrons that power your house. You’ll still receive energy the same way — it will just be cleaner and cheaper!

Start here to see if Community Solar works for you!

Community Solar contracts are almost always 20 or 25 year agreements, BUT all of them you can cancel anytime for no cost!

Commercial contracts and terms differ slightly so just reach out to via the contact form below and we can talk through your specific questions!

There are no costs to enroll and no costs to cancel! If you change your mind, simply notify us of your decision, and we’ll begin the cancellation process. 

Just like subscribing, canceling may take 2-3 billing cycles for all the parties to process the paperwork.

If you move within the same utility market, you may transfer your benefits to your new residence!

If you move outside of your utility market, you will have to cancel your current enrollment and re-enroll in a solar farm in your new utility market.

There is no cost to cancel and we will help you find you find a Solar Community in your new utility market!

Currently we work with Community Solar Farms in Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Maine, Illinois, and Massachusetts. 

The beauty of Community Solar is that you can get green energy from solar farms all around the state. Sign up for one that you like, and begin saving right away! 

Find a Community Solar Farm near you! 

Community Solar is an exciting new development in the world of accessible clean energy! If you’d like to learn more check out our Community Solar Blog

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Extremely easy to work with and to set up. I love being able to use solar to produce energy while also getting credits to save money!

Jeff C.

Maryland Solar Farm Supporter

Community Solar in the US by the Numbers

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Raise Funds for Your Group

Looking for green fundraising opportunities for your group?

Switch people to cheaper solar power to raise funds for non-profits, schools, churches, and environmental clubs!